SRC-XYZ is an audio source location detection system by triangulating distributed microphones. It is composed of nodes that include a set of four microphones at 90 degree spaced angles, and software that performs a basic analysis of amplitude of microphone input levels to determine audio source direction relative to the other nodes. Three nodes communicate to each other through radio signals. One of the nodes is a base station that transmits the collected data to a computer.

> Plug Movie (Late night edition)
SRC-XYZ Sketch   The initial sketch for the triangulation of the plug nodes.      
SRC-XYZ   Visualization of the amplitudes of the microphones in four direction.      
SRC-XYZ   SRC-XYZ details   Microphones are amplified and passed into an external ADC.      
SRC-XYZ   Close-up shot from the microphones.      

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