annie ding

research and projects

bridging computer science and design

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thesis work

chronicler, a framework for design process/rationale capture, visualization and
design collaboration
computer science    
computer systems > chronicler > openstudio  
artificial intelligence > restaurant advisor > design rationale > design analyzer  
computer graphics > stained glass with dust and fog > raytracer > particle generators  
user interfaces > openstudio > gizmoball > chronicler > save your design  
games > gizmoball > art games > boba commando  
design tools > chronicler > openstudio  
web projects > openstudio > digital design camp  
digital design > digital design camp > computational media design  
studio art > drawing and painting > photography > crafts  
art and design    

annie_d at
media dot mit dot edu

i'm currently a masters student at mit with the media lab's physical language workshop under professor john maeda and the electrical engineering & computer science dept. prior to this, i graduated from mit with a degree in computer science engineering.