Anti-FTAA protestors in Miami Nov 2003. Courtesy of Adbusters.          
    ActiviXML is a dialect of XML that intends to abstract the information flow particularly between large scale small scale social activist communities and individual activists in order to reinforce the impact of social activism events.

ActiviXML defines a standard format (ActiviXML Schema) for the documents that describe a social activism event. This standard format categorizes information and builds information hierarchy.

ActiviXML Sample
ActiviXML Schema (XSD)
    Element Structure

The top element is the <channel> that describes the source of the information as it is in the popular syndication format RSS. These are the channel elements:
    Element   Description   Example  
    title   The name of the channel.   Anti-war Actions  
    link   The URL to the website corresponding to the channel.  
    description   Description of the channel.   Compilation of anti-war events.  
    language   The language the channel is written in.   en-us  
    contact   Email address for person responsible for the channel.  
    A channel contains any number of <event>s. The sub-elements of event represents the essential information about the event. These are important for easy syndication of the event.

    Element   Description   Example  
    title   The title of the event.   March on Washington!  
    link   The URL of the event.
    who   Participating individuals and organizations.   INTERNATIONAL ANSWER, United Peace and Justice  
    where   Location of the event.   Washington Monument  
    when   Date and time of of the event.   2004-05-30T09:30:10  
    duration   Duration of the event.   P2H  
    what   Manifesto, call to action   We are going to march through the streets of Washington, D.C. in the largest anti-war protest since George W. Bush's May 1 speech on the U.S.S. Lincoln aircraft carrier where he proclaimed "Mission Accomplished."  
    contact   Email address for person responsible for more information.  
    pubDate   Indicates when the event was published.   2004-05-30T09:30:10  

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