City Grid Istanbul City Grid Paris
        A study of city grids and typography. Letter types are designed in a normal grid and superimposed with aerial photographs of the cities Istanbul and Paris. Software has been designed to enable the viewer to study further the relationship between the two grid systems.

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Typeland   Pixel Grid
        The grid is basically a system to organize elements. Defining a procedure is another way of rationalizing the visual space. The type faces below is a result of a simple recipe for drawing letters by hand: Start drawing the letter instantly, slow down, deliberately draw short lines, and stop.

Donald Knuth - TeX and Meta-font. Knuth proposed that a single set of algorithms could describe the basic alphabetic letterforms.

Wolfgang Weingart - Typographic Landscape

Johanna Drucker - What is a letter?

Sol LeWitt - Wall drawings

Digital Information Design Camp 2005