Jun Sato

Jun Sato


junsato [at] mit.edu
Who is he?

I am a Visiting Scientist from Toshiba Corporation at MIT Media Lab. I have one year appointment with MIT Media Lab starting from May 2006. Currently I am working at SIMPLICITY consortium with Professor John Maeda and his PLW team.



When I have worked at Toshiba, I developed a application for Mobile Phones. Also I was involved in various international and defacto standard bodies such as 3GPP, Open Mobile Alliance, SD Card Association and 4C Entity.

I am interested in media distribution technology and digital rights management. On this appointment at Media Lab, I would like to working on rights management of user created content and media retrival technologies.


Current Work

I am working on understanding how the users understand and realize about their own created content. Recently I have integrated Creative Commons license selection feature in the MIT Media Lab PLW's OPENSTUDIO system. You can find how it work on here.

Other secret stuff are ongoing ..., too

I have a blog, in Japanese only

Previous Works

When I was a student, I have study emotions conveyed in human speech. I analysed emotional speech using neural network and developed an emotional speech synthesizer. The website at the lab has been shutdown a while ago, however some of the materials are archived here.